Would you like to be in contact with a vocal coach every day?

Do you feel that your voice no longer responds as you would like and do you want a curriculum that focuses on your specific problems and needs?
Are you a performer or student looking for tricks and tips to extend your vocal range, master dynamics, vary timbre, belt without risks, develop greater control and awareness, avoid or master voice breaks, better manage vocal effort, master better breathing and much more?

Would you like a training plan and a warm-up specifically designed for you and built according to your needs?

Do you want to train Estill Figures for voice control in a constant and thorough way?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, this course is for you!

From my entire music career, I especially have a great appreciation for him. Years of singing had caused a lot of damage to my voice and I even had to receive voice therapy for one year but after learning about Estill Voice and taking lessons from Professor Francesco, I could really see myself changing in a new way, day by day, and it made me very happy. (Jang HeeYoung - Gavy NJ)


Together we can work on your range, on dynamics, on how to produce the sound that you want in a comfortable and effective way, and on the resolution of what you believe to be your vocal problems.

I can help you choose the most suitable repertoire for your voice.

I can help you prepare the repertoire for auditions.

I can teach you how to create a personal warm-up based on your musical genre, your daily life rhythms and commitments, and the problems you want to solve.

I can help you create a daily training regimen based on your needs and schedule.

I can help you train Estill Voice Figures and Qualities.

If you are a teacher, I can give you advice on teaching or coaching.

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We will meet for half an hour at a time; every week you will choose a slot based on your schedule and between one meeting and the next I will check in with your progress through video messages, to see how you are working without me and help you train more effectively. Every day you will have a form to communicate what is working and what is not working and I will try to understand how best to help you.

You have many choices depending on your availability; the fee changes according with the program that you choose:


  • 8 half-hour 1:1 meetings
  • 1 weekly further check-in
  • Daily Report
  • 375€ in a single payment
  • OR 2 installments 200€ each
  • Vocal Coaching Program LIGHT quadrato


    • 8 half-hour 1:1 meetings
    • 1 further check-in every other day
    • Daily Report
  • 500€ in a single payment
  • OR 2 installments 275€ each
  • OR 3 installments 200€ each
  • Vocal coaching Program STANDARD quadrato


    • 8 half-hour 1:1 meetings
    • 1 further check-in every day
    • Daily Report
  • 600€ in a single payment
  • OR 2 installments 325€ each
  • OR 3 installments 230€ each
  • Vocal Coaching program complete quadrato