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Benefits of online work and technical specifications

I have been following and holding courses and lessons online for more than 7 years now. I’ve been working on almost all the aspects that I usually teach for in-person lessons.

Of course, online teaching has some small limits compared to face-to-face meetings, but it also has many positive aspects.

Compared to the first attempts of about a decade ago with limited connection speed and little communication platforms, technology has undergone exceptional improvements.

Fiber optics, high speed internet radio & satellite, video call software, VOIP technologies, file sharing, automatic recording of conversations and much more have allowed us to carry out quality online courses and lessons.

While saving a lot of time, sitting quietly at home (and therefore having access to all the material you need), or anywhere else in any country without the need for travel – online learning has never been more convenient.

After working in different countries, it has been perfectly normal for me to be able to manage lessons and online courses. Over the years, I have developed a system that guarantees a service that does not have much to envy in comparison to face-to-face meetings. (However, I always recommended to do so whenever the opportunity arises).


Unless I’m abroad or in a different city from where I live, I usually work online from two different venues - one with fiber optic at 40 Mb/s in download and one with ADLS at 20 Mb/s in download and radio antenna at 30 Mb/s in Download. However, from my experience, 5 Mb/s in download is enough to guarantee a good lesson. Therefore, in the event of signal deterioration or any other technical problem, I am fairly certain that I will still be able to work without interruption.
Of course, I need your cooperation and a working connection from you, as well. In the event that the connection prevents us from working, it will be my responsibility to perform a speed test to check my connection speed. If this should be less than 5 Mb/s in download, then the lesson will be postponed without further costs on your part. If you choose, you can be reimbursed if it is not possible to postpone it.


  • A desktop or laptop computer for online connection. Often a good quality smartphone or tablet is still sufficient. However, we need to make sure that these are not too old or too slow.
  • A minimum Internet connection of 5 Mb/s (recommended at least 7 Mb/s or even better, 10 Mb/s) in download. You can check your connection for free with any online speed test.
  • If you work with backing tracks, it is better if a device different from the one you are connecting from reproduces the track. For example, you can connect from the phone and play the track from an external player or computer. Otherwise, you can connect from the computer and play the track on a tablet, etc.
  • If you work with the piano, due to slight delays in the signal I cannot accompany you. You will then have to accompany yourself or have a pianist in the same room with you. Don't worry about vocal warm up and technical work: over the years I have developed a warm up and technical system that does not necessarily require the use of the piano, and it does not require you to sing while I play.
  • a Zoomaccount or Skype. I prefer Zoom (they are both free).
  • If our lessons or course are aimed at passing an EVT, exam, then you will need the "Estill VoicePrint" software (possibly "Plus" version, but not essential), which you can buy on the site: https://store.estillvoice.com/collections/clinical-software
  • For online course payments, I prefer PayPal, However, if you don't have a PayPal account, and you don't want to open one, we can find alternative solutions.
  • - If you need an interpreter, you don't need to meet him in person. Contact them independently and you can connect during our lesson from wherever you are.
  • - the members of Associazione E.U.R.E.C.A.could benefit by having reduced rates due to a different tax regime. So, if you are not yet a member and would like to register so that you can enjoy this opportunity, contact me before booking.
You have probably already done so, but if you want to clarify your thoughts on how I can help you before booking a lesson, just click here.

At certain times, I may be able to offer you lessons of different durations. If you are undecided about how many minutes of lessons you actually need, I can help you decide. Just click on "Help me Choose" and answer the following questions for informational purposes only. If you would like to try, you only have to check my availability of online lessons. .

Before booking your lesson, don't forget to read the terms and conditions.

What they say about me

Daniela Turchetti Avatar
Daniela Turchetti

positive review  professionista preparato, serio e brillante.
Mette sempre a disposizione la sua competenza con grande umiltà ed empatia.
Consigliatissimo per ogni approfondimento sullo e dello strumento voce!

Alessandro D'Arcangeli Avatar
Alessandro D'Arcangeli

positive review  Dotato di una sensibilità non comune mi ha dato la chiave per affrontare costantemente situazioni nuove , grazie allo studio delle qualità vocali, tuttavia non tralasciando ciò che è la parte più importante, gli aspetti soggettivi di tutto ciò che si studia e a cui ci si affaccia. Un grande insegnante e un amico , non smetterò mai di esserne a lui grato . 9/15/2018

장희영 Avatar

positive review  교수님을 만나고 나서 제 직업에 대한 확신이 생기고 대중들에게 건강한 제 목소리를 더 다양히 들려줄 수 있어서 기뻐요! 교수님을 알게된건 정말 저에게 행운이에요! 그리고 저도 에스틸을 사랑하게 되었구요 :) 꾸준히 배우게 되었습니다!
목소리의 기법과 건강과 인체생리학 의학 병리학을 다양하게 다루고 배울 때마다 항상 업그레이드 되 있으시고 늘 꾸준히 발전하며 연구하는 멋진 백호교수님! 앞으로도 더 많은 사람들에게 올바른 목소리 구현에 힘써주세요! 교수님에게 축복을~!!!!!!

Under your training, I have become more happy and confident in my vocal technique and ability to sing professionally. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from you. I am a big fan of the Estill program and will continue to learn with it!

Professor , your knowledge and expertise of vocal training, health, and techniques are excellent, and I hope you continue to progress and share this with many future students! Thank you again and God bless you...

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Help me choose

Have you ever attended a course in which the EVT figures and the 6 EVT voice qualities were presented (including Francesco's courses at Hongik University, one-day introductory workshops, etc.)?
Do you know how to warm up and cool your voice independently without the guidance of a teacher?
Do you want to focus only on one aspect (eg: only on the practice or only on the theory without having to devote time to both)? For example, you may already have a solid foundation of theory or you may have specific questions that need clear and concise answers and it is not important that you work on them in a practical manner.
Have you already attended a lecture or workshop by Francesco or another certified EVT teacher?
Does the problem that needs to be solved concern a short section of one piece rather than more pieces?
Are you able to communicate directly with Francesco in Italian or English without the help of an interpreter?