Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of lessons and events (worshops, seminars, webinars, online courses, etc).

These terms and conditions apply to any event booked or promoted on this website and hosted by Francesco Mecorio or FMVOICESTUDIO Limited (Hong Kong) or FMVOICESTUDIO LTD (London). They indiscriminately regulate the legal relationship between the buyer/client/customer and the host, unless otherwise specified.

The booking of lessons or participation in events is confirmed only at the time of payment of the fee.  Unless otherwise indicated, or previously concluded private agreements, payments must be made using the online system at the time of booking. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check that the payment has been made correctly. You understand that in some cases, member of organizations that host the lesson might enjoy reduced rates compared to non-members.

The fees, if not otherwise specified, are always expressed and to be paid in euros (EUR) or Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). You declare that you understand that fees may vary depending on the country in which the event or lesson takes place and your country of residence, of payment or connection. Due to possible currency exchange costs, transaction fees, tax agreements between the country receiving the fees, the country from which the payment is made, factors such as the different costs of renting the rooms, the cost of living, and the adjustment to the market of the country from which the payment is made may be effected.

Where not otherwise specified, the fees of individual lessons always include the rent of the room, but not the remuneration of an interpreter or an accompanying pianist.

Where not otherwise specified, the fees of the events include any remuneration for interpreters and/or accompanying pianists.

You may be charged additional secretarial costs and shipping certificates if you so request.


All booking services involve secretarial and management expenses, commitments with third parties, and sometimes they reserve a place that could be destined to others (in the case of individual lessons or limited number events). For this reason, unless otherwise specified, and in any case, at the discretion of Francesco Mecorio or of a possible third party organizer, the cancellation penalty is always applied according to the following scheme:

EVENTS/COURSES/GROUP CLASSES (when hosted by Francesco Mecorio or FMVOICESTUDIO LImited; for other hosts, other cancellation policies might apply):

– Cancellation before one month or more from the event: 90% refund (10% penalty)

– Cancellation between one week and one month from the event: 50% refund (50% penalty)

– Cancellation between 48 hours and one week from the event: 30% refund (70% penalty)

– Cancellation in the 48 hours preceding the event: 20% refund (80% penalty)

– Cancellation in the 24 hours preceding the event: 10% refund (90% penalty)

– No show/cancellation after the course has started: no refund. (100% penalty)

PRIVATE LESSONS (when hosted by Francesco Mecorio or FMVOICESTUDIO LImited; for other hosts, other cancellation policies might apply):

– Rescheduling the lesson is possible until 48 hours before the lesson, with no additional fee (the costs of renting the studio or the remuneration of the interpreter can be charged or added to any penalties.). Every lesson can be rescheduled only once. Rescheduling a second time will count like cancellation (see below).

– Cancellation until 48 hours before the lesson: 50% refund (50% penalty)

– Cancellation in the 48 hours preceding the lesson: no refund (100% penalty).

The costs of renting the studio or the remuneration of the interpreter in case of private lessons can be added to these penalties.

If the event or lesson is cancelled by the teacher or by the organizers, the student can choose to reschedule the lesson, use the fee already paid toward another event, or get a 100% refund.


In the case of free events or lessons, you declare that you understand that the teacher can cancel them at any time without paying to the student any penalty, reimbursement or compensation and the teacher owes nothing to the student.

You also declare that you understand that in case of cancellation by the student, the teacher can request a compensation to the student, not higher than the usual fee of a similar event or lesson.

In the case of events or lessons that include a free donation, you declare that you understand that in the event of cancellation, the cancellation policy will be followed as a normal lesson or event (see “cancellation policy” section).

You consent to the fact that your data is kept by Francesco Mecorio and reused to inform you of next events. The data may be disclosed to third parties (FMVOICESTUDIO Limited or other organizations or individuals organizers) only if they are organizers of events involving Francesco Mecorio, and only to inform you of the events in question.

It is the responsibility of the student/client to arrange the accompaniment of any tracks and bring any sheet music or backing tracks (CD, USB). They should check their presence on the Internet, even though the Internet connection is not provided in all the rooms where lessons take place.

The piano accompaniment can be provided only for simple accompaniments.  Always have them checked in advance by the teacher. In the case of complex accompaniments, the teacher has the right to suggest the use of a piano accompanist in class. It is the student’s right to accompany himself personally, to present himself / herself / themselves in a lesson with a trusted pianist or to contact one suggested by the teacher.

In the case of online lessons, the accompaniment on the piano must take place in the room where the student is located, due to possible signal delays.

You acknowledge that your vocal health is your sole responsibility, and that vocal training is only one aspect of voice care.  Other factors play an important role in maintaining vocal health (this includes: daily behavior, hydration, hours of study, other pre-existing health conditions, improper habits such as smoking or alcohol, etc.) and therefore you relieve the teacher of any possible responsibility for any vocal problem that may appear during or after training. It is also your responsibility to inform Francesco of any previous vocal, respiratory, postural, or more general health problems.  Any health problem that has appeared before or during the training, or any situation where treatments or therapies have been necessary (including neck or shoulder problems, jaw, allergies, asthma, hormonal problems, etc. in addition to any kind of vocal pathology) should be clarified. All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

A small tolerance period is always provided for any delays at the beginning of the lesson or advances on the end due to technical, logistic issues, or specific needs. It is very likely that the lesson will last exactly as expected, but you declare to understand that in the case of one-hour lessons Francesco Mecorio (and/or FMVOICESTUDIO Limited or any third party organizer) guarantee 50 minutes of lesson.  In the case of lessons of 45 minutes, they guarantee 40 minutes of lessons.  In the case of 30 minutes lessons, they guarantee 25 minutes. In case these minimum durations cannot be guaranteed and you benefit of a shorter lesson, any additional delays will be made-up or reimbursed.

Seminar/workshops/courses/events, etc. hours can be slightly changed, especially for breaks. Registration or check-in times may delay the start of the program, which could cause a delay in the finishing time as well.  However, the declared duration of the events is always guaranteed.

In very exceptional cases, such as the sudden impossibility of teachers due to force majeure, they can be replaced with others of equal qualification and sufficient experience.

It is not possible to take photos, make audio, or create video recordings of lessons and events unless explicitly authorized by the teacher or the organizers. In case of authorization, the collected material is for personal use only and cannot be disseminated, published, or shared with others.You declare that you understand and accept that participation in certain events or lessons may be subject to the signing of a copyright protection agreement. You agree that the teachers have the right to record any part of the course for assessment, self-assessment, evaluation reasons, with no right to share the recordings with any third party other than the same teachers involved in the course, lesson or event, unless explicitly permitted by the student.

Online events and lessons use different connection channels (cable up to 20 Mb/s download, fiber optic up to 50 Mb/s download, radio antenna up to 30 Mb/s download), so as to always offer the best service. The minimum guaranteed connection is 5 Mb/s for downloads, which is sufficient to offer acceptable service. The student has the right to request a speedtest during the lesson, or in exceptional cases, during the events (too many requests could prevent the normal running of the event online). In the event that the connection is lower than guaranteed, it is possible to request reimbursement or rescheduling of the event/lesson. In case the speedtest declares connection speed equal to or greater than 5 Mb/s any connection problems are not attributable to teachers or organizers.

Proceeding with the payment or booking of an event or lesson, you declare that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions described above.