E.U.R.E.C.A. (Energie Unite per la Ricerca, l’Educazione, la Cultura e l’Arte, which means “United Energies for Research, Education, Culture and Art”) is an Italian cultural association founded in 2004 among others by Francesco Mecorio, who is still the President.

E.U.R.E.C.A. has always been involved in the field of teaching and dissemination of art. In recent years, they have organized music workshops for kindergarten and primary schools. These have included events, concerts, numerous cultural exchanges, and training courses in the programs of the European Commission "Youth in Action" and "Erasmus +". Until 2015, they managed a permanent training center in Viterbo (Italy) where they managed courses in music, art, and foreign languages.

Francesco Mecorio avails itself to the collaboration of the E.U.R.E.C.A Association for most of its activities. The activities of E.U.R.E.C.A. addressed to their members enjoy a facilitated tax regime, and for this reason, the fees addressed to members are generally reduced in comparison to non-members. If you wish to register with E.U.R.E.C.A. to support their project, want the right to participate in their activities, and to enjoy the reduced rates, then please click here or contact Francesco. He will assist you during all the enrollment phases.

If you do not want to join the association you can still continue to attend the lessons of Francesco but at a different tax regime, which you will be asked to pay a fee about 25% higher than the subscribers.