Interpreters and Translators

My lessons can take place in Italian or English without the need for an interpreter.  Korean is available with the help of an experienced interpreter who is part of my team, or one of your choosing.  This can be decided upon payment of an additional fee directly to the interpreter.

Thanks to the connection platforms I use, the interpreter can connect from anywhere without having to meet you in person.

This is the list of interpreters I’ve worked with for years, who know my style, and the technical vocabulary:

Kweon Tae Hee; [email protected]

Choi YeonSil; [email protected]

Jung YuLee; [email protected]

Sowon Jang; [email protected]

Han Hyunkoo; [email protected]

Park YuMi; [email protected]

Jung Ivan; [email protected]


Remember to contact them in advance to check their availability at the time of your lesson.


Of course, you are free to contact one of your trusted interpreters for Korean.  In case you do not speak English, Italian, or Korean.  I could find interpreters (with some research) for French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.