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You’ve likely already have done so, but if you want to clarify your thoughts on how I can help you before booking a lesson, just click here..

HKAPA students and alumni have 50% discount on my lessons. fill this form to receive instructions on booking:

    In Hong Kong for my private lessons I use the rooms of Jeffrey the Tenor Vocal Studio, in Sai Ying Pun, here on the left.

    At Jeffrey the Tenor Vocal Studio in Hong Kong we have available:

    • Grand piano
    • Music stand
    • Computer
    • Wifi connection
    • USB / mp3 audio player.
    • bluetooth speaker.
    • Connection cable to reproduce the backing tracks from the smartphone (minijack)
    • Microphone and speakers

    I remind you that I have never been a great pianist and never will be, so if you need a piano accompaniment, then contact me in advance to see if I can accompany you. However, if it is better to work with the backing tracks or contact an accompanying pianist, then we can decide this before the lesson. (You can safely come into class with one of your trusted accompanists without having to tell me).

    In general I bring several tools that can help us in teaching (pilates balls, thera-bands, etc), but it is not always possible.

    Before booking your lesson, don't forget to read the terms and conditions

    This site lists only the cities in which I work with relative regularity. It’s not impossible that I can be in different cities or countries not listed, so I suggest you contact me so that I can meet in a location closer to you..

    If it is not possible to meet in person, I remind you again that I am also available for online lessons


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    What they say about me

    Boram Choi Avatar
    Boram Choi

    positive review  Meeting him was the best thing ever happen to me. He always teaches students with respects and passion.
    If you want to sing well, learn with him!
    He has excellent hearing and teaches very well. You will get to know how to move your larynx and other structures!

    백호쌤을 만난 것은 저에게 가장 좋은일이었습니다.
    항상 학생들을 존중하고 열정적으로 가르치십니다.
    노래를 잘하고 싶으시다면 백호쌤과 함께 공부하세요!
    듣는귀가 너무 좋으시고 정말 잘 가르쳐주세요.
    선생님과 함께 공부한다면 후두와 다른 목의 구조들을 움직이는 방법을 알게 되실거에요!

    Vittoria Nope Avatar
    Vittoria Nope

    positive review  Francesco's classes radically changed my perspective on singing as a discipline and on my own potential as well; his teaching helped me understand the mechanics of the voice, never neglecting the artistic side of a performance. Always available for clarifications, always listening and encouraging (in a way that is attentively modeled on the student). The only bad thing I can say about him is that at some point he decided to move to Korea to teach at a prestigious university. Go figure. 9/29/2018

    Risa Duff Avatar
    Risa Duff

    positive review  Fabulous teacher. Extremely knowledgeable about the Estill Model. 12/25/2018