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You’ve likely already have done so, but if you want to clarify your thoughts on how I can help you before booking a lesson, just click here..

At certain times I may be able to offer you lessons of different durations. If you are undecided about how many minutes of lessons you actually need, I can help you decide. Just click on "help me choose" and answer the questions, which I won't memorize for any reason.

In Seoul for my private lessons I use the rooms of Theater MUTO, here on the left.
This site lists only the cities in which I work with relative regularity. It’s not impossible that I can be in different cities or countries not listed, so I suggest you contact me so that I can meet in a location closer to you..

If it is not possible to meet in person, I remind you again that I am also available for online lessons


At Theater MUTO in Seoul we have available:

  • Digital piano
  • Music stand
  • Computer
  • Wifi connection
  • USB / mp3 audio player.
  • Connection cable to reproduce the backing tracks from the smartphone (minijack)
  • Speakers

I remind again you that if you need an interpreter you must contact him or her directly.

I also remind you that I have never been a great pianist and never will be, so if you need a piano accompaniment, then contact me in advance to see if I can accompany you. However, if it is better to work with the backing tracks or contact an accompanying pianist, then we can decide this before the lesson. (You can safely come into class with one of your trusted accompanists without having to tell me).

In general I bring several tools that can help us in teaching (pilates balls, thera-bands, etc), but it is not always possible.

Before booking your lesson, don't forget to read the terms and conditions

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What they say about me

Jentra Di Lonardo Avatar
Jentra Di Lonardo

Francesco was able to bring out the best of my voice, giving me the confidence and skills to continue to sing. His no nonsense approach to his lessons gave me such power, not only that, he pushed my voice to heights I never new I could reach! Francesco is a brilliant vocal coach! 9/19/2018

Matteo Guarino Avatar
Matteo Guarino

positive review  Sa consigliare ciò che è tecnicamente e fisicamente giusto, ma sa anche ascoltare i gusti dell’allievo e assecondarne le pulsioni artistiche. È anche una bellissima persona con cui sviluppare empatia, fondamentale per coltivare insieme una disciplina intima come il canto. Consigliatissimo 9/26/2018

Andrea Alberto Avatar
Andrea Alberto

positive review  È scontato dire che Francesco è un ottimo insegnante. Ma non ci sono altre parole per definirlo. Tecnicamente preparatissimo, riesce a comprendere al volo le problematiche dell’allievo per risolverle rapidamente. Spiegazioni semplici, veloci ed efficaci per centrare l’obiettivo. Il tutto condito da simpatia, onestà e trasparenza nei confronti dello studente che si sente accolto.
Terminerò qui la mia recensione poiché sta prendendo una piega da ristorante TripAdvisor, ma vi invito a sperimentare Francesco sulla vostra pelle!